Go With Love

I’m convinced that I have the sweetest girl in the world–and the point of this is not to convince anyone of that–we all think our kids are the best. Rather, it’s to document a sentiment that occurred to me today.

When I drop her off for school in the morning, she always wants “just one more” hug and kiss before I have to go. Most parents seem to shove their kids inside and make a run for it, but that doesn’t faze us. It’s the last time I’ll see her until much later, and I want to make sure our good-bye is just right.

Once I’m out the door, she stands in the window signing “I love you” over and over, until I wave one last time and drive out of sight. It’s our thing.

Every morning, as I drive away, I’m surprised at how I still get choked up. After all, we’ve been perfecting this routine for over five years. I know that she has to learn and play, and that I have to go to work, but it’s hard to leave her.

When she spots me after work, she comes running and jumps into my arms. I twirl her around like people do in Hollywood movies. People stare, but we couldn’t care less. We are reunited at last.

I guess that’s the point–that I’ve accepted that there may never be a point at which I’m not sad to part ways with my daughter. That, and I’m always so glad when I get to see her again.

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