Life’s a Pitch

I coached my daughter’s softball game last night, which was all well and good, until the other team put in their star pitcher. I mean this girl could throw–and fast. It’s the first time we’ve encountered an opponent with that kind of speed.

Her accuracy was still under development, however, so I cheered our girls on, hoping they’d have the sense to jump out of the way if need be. Then my daughter came up to the plate.

Omigod, I though. What if she gets hit?

I felt my blood pressure spike, and I swallowed hard, trying to remind myself that it is called fastpitch, after all. I took a deep breath, and hoped that when I shouted words of encouragement, my voice wouldn’t betray my anxiety.

She stood in there–and not only that, but when a pitch careened toward her, she was quick to leap out of the way. She swung at the good ones, and even got a small hit to first base.

On tough days, this little ball of light brightens my world. Today she reminded me that in life you have to stand your ground, but that it’s important to keep your wits about you, and you should always do your best.

Sure, you’re not going to hit a home run every time, and there’s a chance you could get hurt. But often, the experience is an accomplishment in itself.

How I love this little girl.

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