That Old Feeling

For some people, childhood doesn’t end up being the best time of their lives, like you so often hear. I wasn’t a happy kid, though I played one convincingly enough. I also played softball, but when I was on the diamond, things were different. With my uniform on and cleats laced up, I wasn’t pretending … Continue reading That Old Feeling

Go With Love

I’m convinced that I have the sweetest girl in the world–and the point of this is not to convince anyone of that–we all think our kids are the best. Rather, it’s to document a sentiment that occurred to me today. When I drop her off for school in the morning, she always wants “just one … Continue reading Go With Love


In the early days you often felt as though you were drowning. Inky darkness lapped at you from all directions as you struggled toward the distant shore. With one arm you held your young daughter, treading furiously to keep her face above water as you choked and gasped for breath, your own head intermittently plunging … Continue reading Resurfacing

Look Over Your Shoulder

The sun is just starting to rise when the first glint of light from the approaching train splashes along the snow-covered embankment. In a matter of moments the train arrives at the platform. As it comes to a stop you reach out to press the illuminated green button, and although you’ve done this hundreds of … Continue reading Look Over Your Shoulder