To Be Seen by You

His image illuminates the screen of my phone. He is smiling, that smile I’d like to believe he reserves just for me. The photo was taken a few years ago, now, but seeing it still elicits the same geyser of emotion. Saddened, I watch until his smile fades to black. I can’t talk to him … Continue reading To Be Seen by You


In the early days you often felt as though you were drowning. Inky darkness lapped at you from all directions as you struggled toward the distant shore. With one arm you held your young daughter, treading furiously to keep her face above water as you choked and gasped for breath, your own head intermittently plunging … Continue reading Resurfacing

Look Over Your Shoulder

The sun is just starting to rise when the first glint of light from the approaching train splashes along the snow-covered embankment. In a matter of moments the train arrives at the platform. As it comes to a stop you reach out to press the illuminated green button, and although you’ve done this hundreds of … Continue reading Look Over Your Shoulder

The Long Way Home

Today is my birthday. I’m 33 years old, which is pleasing in a way that is telling of my propensity for obsessive-compulsive isms. You see, I have a tendency to seek out the comforting relief born of patterns, of repetition and balance – so the smooth, curved lines of two threes, back-to-back, feels inexplicably calming. … Continue reading The Long Way Home

Thank You for Letting Me Go

Diamonds are forever – except that, they’re not. I read an article the other day about marriage. Till death do us part, and all that jazz. About the dismal state of civil union, ever-increasing divorce rates, how people give up too easily. How when we say I do it should mean for life, no ifsandsorbuts. You’ve … Continue reading Thank You for Letting Me Go

On Psychological Pollution

It started out the way these things usually do. Everyone seemed to be talking about it – and I have to admit that I was curious. It was good timing; I wanted to try something new. At first, things felt pretty awkward. I remember being unsure whether or not I wanted to continue, thinking perhaps I was … Continue reading On Psychological Pollution