My Breakdown Was A Breakthrough

A month and a half ago I had a breakdown. No stranger to depression and its episodic tantrums, I’ve had breakdowns before. They were nothing compared to this. This one brought me to my knees. It was as though a nuclear bomb had detonated at the epicenter of my world, laying everything I had once … Continue reading My Breakdown Was A Breakthrough

You Are My Superhero

Today, people are encouraged to talk about mental health. Okay, I'll bite. Let me start by saying that people who battle mental illness are my heroes. Scratch that. They are bonafide, motherfucking superheroes. You can’t see it, but they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are waging a war that … Continue reading You Are My Superhero

That Old Feeling

For some people, childhood doesn’t end up being the best time of their lives, like you so often hear. I wasn’t a happy kid, though I played one convincingly enough. I also played softball, but when I was on the diamond, things were different. With my uniform on and cleats laced up, I wasn’t pretending … Continue reading That Old Feeling

The Long Way Home

Today is my birthday. I’m 33 years old, which is pleasing in a way that is telling of my propensity for obsessive-compulsive isms. You see, I have a tendency to seek out the comforting relief born of patterns, of repetition and balance – so the smooth, curved lines of two threes, back-to-back, feels inexplicably calming. … Continue reading The Long Way Home

Don’t Let The Smile Beguile You

He made us laugh when we were kids in comedies like “Mrs. Doubtfire” and went on to pull heavily on our heartstrings in the award winning drama “Good Will Hunting”. There’s no question that we’re all pretty stunned right now, with the news of another funnyman down. Today reports abound citing Robin Williams’ battle with … Continue reading Don’t Let The Smile Beguile You