The Bridge

When I was a kid, I’d obscure my face with magnets on refrigerator photos and avoid my reflection in mirrors, because the creature staring back at me was terrifying. Most of my life I have been disconnected from my body, never fully in it, and always either in some form of panic or deeply immersed … Continue reading The Bridge

Pivot Toward The Light

There is a pervasive notion in our culture that we have to struggle or be stressed-out to succeed. While I have definitely been under this spell most of my life, I have recently started to see things differently – and let me tell you, it’s changed everything. Let’s face it, some of us are goal-oriented. … Continue reading Pivot Toward The Light

My Judgement Detox

Happy people don’t judge people. Over the past two months I've been doing a judgement detox. Once I learned it was a thing, I knew it was for me, though I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t judge others. Not really. Quietly polishing my halo, I reflected on how, even as a child, I recognized that … Continue reading My Judgement Detox

My Breakdown Was A Breakthrough

A month and a half ago I had a breakdown. No stranger to depression and its episodic tantrums, I’ve had breakdowns before. They were nothing compared to this. This one brought me to my knees. It was as though a nuclear bomb had detonated at the epicenter of my world, laying everything I had once … Continue reading My Breakdown Was A Breakthrough